A study into paraphilias and its effects

Statistics report, At least 1 woman in 7 will be raped in her lifetime. Because only 1 rape in 5 is reported, the true figure is much higher (CDC, 2007; FVPF,2007). Many would consider these women a victim, but could the perpetrator also be suffering from something we as observers have not yet considered, something far worse? Perhaps the mark of true sexual deviations, the compulsive and destructive paraphilias, a sickness at which causes it’s victims guilt, anxiety, or discomfort for one or other participants (Coon, D & Mitterer, J, 2009, Chapter 12, “Introduction to Psychology: Gateway to Mind and Behavior”). Although such deviance maybe a touchy subject, how can one permit it without knowing its core? Paraphilias covers a wide range of behaviors yet, I think its best we stick to the most common: Exhibitionism, Fetishism, Frotteurism, Pedophilia, Sexual masochism, Sexual sadism, Transvestic fetishism, and Voyeurism. After all we can’t properly judge an object with out knowing its beginning, middle, and end. Who is the true victim, is it the one suffering for the horrific moment or is it the one who inflicts the pain and which must suffer for a lifetime, who is the true victim? Understanding the origins of the predators whom commit these hennas sex crimes, which tear apart our nation is the only way we as citizens can truly protect ourselves, our family and our community.

Exhibitionism, also known as “flashing,” the display of one’s genitals to unwilling viewers, which makes this much different from the display during Mardi Gras. Exhibitionist are typically male, married and most come from strict and repressive backgrounds (Coon, D ; Mitterer, J, 2009, Chapter 12, “Introduction to Psychology: Gateway to Mind and Behavior”). Most feel a deep sense of inadequacy, which produces a compulsive need to provide their genitals to the unwilling viewer. Others may fantasize that their target may become aroused by the display. In regard if confronted by an exhibitionist one can assume their goal is to shock and alarm victim, to become upset would only encourage them (Hyde & Delamater, 2006). Although the scene maybe quite alarming, studies show the exhibitionist is basically harmless. I believe they simply wish to entertain someone, if not themselves, typical thrill seekers.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Shoe fetish?” Well now, don’t be alarmed this doesn’t mean you have a sickness, Fetishism are unusually objects or body parts associated with in sexual arousal (http://www.minddisorders.com/Del-Fi/Fetishism.html). Fetishes can pertain to anyone, whether male or female, even you may have a strange fetish. Most common examples being clothing, stuffed animals, breast, legs, bottoms, genitals, and even pets. I once met a man who had a strange thing for women in high heels, the high heels were his fetish. The non sexual object which got him aroused. How about Victoria’s Secret Models, dazzled with in expensive lingerie? This item of clothing is a non sexual object used to spark the scenes of the viewer to want and desire the clothing. They convince the viewers that having this will make you or your partner become more desirable. We have all heard the saying “Sex sells,” well it’s true. Does this mean we have a sickness, no. What are symptoms of Fetishism? If you find yourself spending so much time thinking about the fetish that you can not control compulsive urges and or cases become unhealthy, inflicting humiliation or suffering to oneself or partner, it’s best to seek therapy for such extreme. The key is to control the fetish, don’t allow the fetish to control you.

Frotteurism, sexually touching or rubbing against a non consenting person usually in public place such as subway (Coon, D ; Mitterer, J, 2009, Chapter 12, “Introduction to Psychology: Gateway to Mind and Behavior”). I asked myself the same question during reading this, why? Unfortunately scientist have not yet found a cause, but I believe it begins with in an sexually abusive childhood or adolescence, where the perpetrator may want to inflict such humiliation upon oneself, victim, child or partner for what was done to them. The perpetrator may often have fantasize that they have an exclusive relationship with the victim at the moment, soon realizing their unconscious mistake and dashing through the crowded area of humiliation and embarrassment (http://www.minddisorders.com/Flu-inv/Frotturism.html). What age do these acts typically begin to display? Between age 15-25, after 25 the person typically begins to mature and acts are less likely.

Child molestation, also known as pedophilia, sex with children and or unwanted fondling. Child molesters are typically male as well, most are married and two thirds are fathers, in most cases the offender is a friend, acquaintance, or relative of the child (Abel, Wiegel, & Osborn, 2007). Molesters are also often though of as child rapists, but most molestations rarely exceed fondling (Seto, 2008; Sue, Sue & Sue, 1996). Many molesters are rigid, passive, puritanical or religious, they are also often consumers of child pornography (Seto, Cantor, & Blanchard, 2006). Studies show that Americans spend over $2 billion on cyberspace sex addictions, at which many expand to personal contact. Not only that but child porno, kidnapping, and sex trafficking are of the many crimes against children on the raise. As children, child molesters themselves were often witness to or victims of sexual abuse (Burton, 2008). For them, love making may evoke vivid and terrifying memories of the childhood victimization. Serious harm is likely to occur if the molester is someone the child was especially close to, professional counseling is almost always necessary for victims (Saywitz et al., 2000). Although pedophilia in itself is not a crime, acting upon such urges is.

Self-defeating personality disorder also known as sexual masochism, desiring pain and/ or humiliation as a part of sex act. Surprisingly, typically found with in females. What is now become an enjoyable sex act, such as bondage, spanking, torture, pain, disgrace, tying, and device chambers were once used as a cure to homosexuality, and feminine submissiveness. Which is where the name Self-defeating personality disorder comes from, it is self inflicted pain to torture oneself. The cause of such acts in the beginning was due to religious practice, which has now become for of a fetish to some. A dazzling thrill seeking experience. The victim often rejects help from those who try, is often drawn to situations and or relationships where she or he will suffer, they often chose people who will mistreat, disappoint or fail them, and often engage in excessive self sacrifice. These people seem to only respond to pain, depression, and guilt. The only way to overcome this obsession is through counseling but that’s a lost cause because as earlier stated these people reject help and are victim to themselves. How do you help someone who doesn’t believe nor want to believe they have a problem? Unfortunately many of these victims will die for their own pleasure.

Sadistic personality disorder also known as sexual sadism, deriving sexual pleasure from inflicting pain and or humiliation upon another. These individuals, male or female, tend to be cruel, demeaning, aggressive and controlling. It can be detected with in early adulthood, and according to psychologist Theodore Million, sadist may also be grouped within one or none of these categories: Explosive Sadist (unstable), Tyrannical Sadist (negative attitude), Enforcing Sadist (obsessed with perfection), or Spineless Sadist (extreme sensitive). Sadist often times conform to groups also known as BDSM, meaning bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism. The sadist are power seeking individuals whom wish to control situations in order to reach their peek sexual arousal at the mercy of their willing victims. The element of desire doesn’t have to be mutual, as long as set limits abide by the SSC; safe, sane, and consensual. Sadist, coming from the compound scientific terminology Sadomasochism, meaning psychological illness, malicious social and sexual orientations, was described by Sigmund Freud, 1905 in his “Three papers on sexual theory,” as psychological development from early childhood. Sadists attempt to destroy the ego in an effort to unify the id and the superego (Presentation de Sacher-Masoch, 1967).

Transvestic fetishism, a sexual deviation of achieving sexual arousal by wearing clothing of opposite sex (Coon, D & Mitterer, J, 2009, Chapter 12, “Introduction to Psychology: Gateway to Mind and Behavior”). While this individual can be male or female, by society of morals its not uncommon to see a women dressed in men’s wear, therefore not as alarming, but we are not quite ready to understand a man dressed in women’s lingerie and high heels. The pattern of cross dressing typically with early signs during childhood and early adolescents, the child may feel neglected by the mother who may hate men, or always wanted a girl, it may even begin with childhood curiosity with a young boy playing in his mother or sisters clothes or make up, finding fun with in the activity and choosing to continue into adulthood. While a child may do this play for fun, the cross dresser does this for complete sexual gratification, while individual may not walk around in women’s clothing at all times, they may wear under garment so as not to draw unwanted attention, while still receiving arousal. It is not uncommon for the cross dresser to act out in times of stress, depression and or anxiety. While alarming, for on seekers, it is not right to assume that the cross dresser is homosexual, some are heterosexual but may have bi-sexual tendencies. While electro shocked was once used to cure cross dressing in the past many cases, proved to be unsuccessful, while many do not seek professional help, it’s not a big deal, the act is harmless and not a crime.

The “Peeping Tom,” also known as voyeurism, the act of viewing the genitals of others with out

consent (Coon, D & Mitterer, J, 2009, Chapter 12, “Introduction to Psychology: Gateway to Mind and Behavior”). As seen in the late movie, The Ugly Truth, staring Katherine Heigl, where her cat escapes out of the window, where she is forced to go after it, when she soon realizes the cat has escaped up a tree. Deciding to scramble up rescue it, once in her arms she finds herself mesmerized, by the new neighbor climbing out of the shower. His toned body and ripped abs, grasp her attention and leave her gazing with in a crime, called the peeping tom. Although this was by accident, the rightful thing to have done would have been to turn away. Like most situations like this one, the peeping tom usually finds themselves running across such incidents on accident, but with any good thing, once is never enough. While the peeper may not want to have sex with the person in most cases, they my find themselves masturbating while watching, they may even fantasize for the moment of having sex with that person, or they may just want to watch. While this is typical with in adolescence when young children are becoming more curious, the best way to avoid being a victim is to keep the blinds and windows closed.

Concluding my thesis question, who is the victim, the unwilling or willing partner who suffers grief for the moment or the person with the mind disorder who must suffer for a lifetime? Rape is wrong in an scene, if a women, man, or child, says “no,” at any given time before or during unwanted fondling or sexual contact it is a crime. How can parents prevent this from happening to you or your kids? Do your research upon this individuals so you may be able to better protect yourself. For example, if you were in a forest (society) and you were approached by a bear (predator). There would be steps you would have to take in order to protect yourself, you would have to know research or the bear, beginning, middle, and end. You would also need to know how to protect yourself from this animal so that you are not harmed with in the process, while realizing you only have so much time at which to do so, the main thing is not to panic, and think calm and rational. Like these dangerous animals, we can not fear what we know, we can only fear what we do not know. Proper research upon these individuals will not only help you to better understand, when approached but be able to protect your family, or help a healing victim. The only way to help make the world a better place is to begin with the ones that are infecting it and get to the root, but understanding what we are dealing with. You can’t just contain these people and lock them up, what does that solve, they get out and have learned nothing but to do it again, weather or not we chose to believe it, they are human and victims too. Parents, interested in protecting your children from child molesters, know where they hide at, the internet. A great show working to catch these predators is, Dateline NBC. Monitor what your children are doing on the internet, who they are talking to, don’t let them have computers in the room. Keep your kids safe.